Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! It’s January and that means new resolutions! 

It was around this time last year I created this blog of mine and looking back at it makes me smile a little. However one year wiser I have created new resolutions for myself. 

1. Do what makes me happy- as much as I love pleasing others I never think of myself, I’d like to start building my confidence. 

2. Slowly try a vegan diet- I’m going to start by cutting out meat then dairy and so on. I’m trying this to find out if I notice any health benefits (fingers crossed I will). 

3. Study more- says it all really. I need to study as a nursing student and I never have enough time. 

4. Save for a new car- realistically the car I have will not last forever so I need to start saving for when Reggie (my car) does die. 

5. Minimise skin care routine- I do tent to chop and change routine. Normally I chuck whatever is going on my skin. I would like to stick to the same products and minimise it. The only two skin care items I have used for a few weeks consistently is; garnier cleansing water and biore charchole face wash. 

6. “If it’s negative don’t say it”- I need to think positive and start focusing on the more positive aspects of my life. 
Here to 2016 everyone. 

  Below- me (no make up) and my dog (Scooby, no make up also) in bed 01/01/2016

How Time flys/ life update

I just can’t believe it’s almost September? Does anyone else agree?! It just feels like last month was Christmas and new year, then in February I had my first ever nursing placement. 

Since Iv started writing this blog Iv changed in so many aspects, Iv learnt to much about nursing already and my confidence is growing slowly but surely. 

However amongst all of this changing my ability to do a perfect cat eye is still forever unchanged= I’m rubbish! But there are more important things to focus on! 

Next month in going to FLORIDA! 🙂 yes that’s right so if you have any questions please feel free to ask! I’m going to spend two weeks in Disney world on holiday! Fun in the sun is what they say, but add Disney into the equation and it get 1000000x better don’t you think? 

Iv been so busy I haven’t written a post in a few months but I still love blogging more than ever! I’m currently 600 miles away from home on my nursing placement writing this! Or should I say typing this.

We can call where I am an unknown location far far away because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be allowed to say where about in nursing at the moment! 

Get fit with me: July update

it been about 5 months since my resolution of losing weight and getting fit. I think the one thing everyone has in commen about resolutions is that they are broken? Am I right or wrong?


  • Iv been sticking to using my Fitbit and have tried to keep to 10,000 steps per day.
  • Drinking water: I have been drinking loads more water than I normally would which is overall hydrating.
  • Think before I eat: I try to think before I eat but sometimes those nachos and pizza just want to be eaten. 
  • I don’t worry about being thin, I am thinking about having a healthier lifestyle.
  • I recently bought a bike, which I have been trying to go out on most days for 30 minutes. 
  • I have kept up drinking smoothies which I love!!!!


  • I have broken most of the positives
  • I haven’t lost much weight
  • I have given up raspberry keytones
  • I eat a lot of junk food
  • Sometimes I substitute a smoothie and have coco pops instead 

There you have it, a nice watered down version of how the resolution is coming along! I do still love my Fitbit though, although I need to buy a new band as the one I originally have is now snapping 💔. 

My first nightshift + tips + Routine

I just had my first ever nursing placement in Shetland. 

First of all: I want to thank you all for you encouraging support over the last few months. I am forever grateful and Thankyou for your kind supportive words! 

During my first nursing placement I knew I would need to face the dreaded nightshift. I’ll post below my routine so you can all get the just of what it’s like. 

Day 1

  • I ensure I have a long lie until around 11:30. This makes me feel well rested and prepared for the day.
  • I would normally not have a shower but get dressed and go out for a walk or nip to the shops, maybe even get a bite to eat.
  • This next point is very very important: around 2pm I will go back into my pyjamas and watch Netflix. Yes. Netflix.
  • At roughly 4pm I will just lie in bed and try to sleep. I always tired due to being anemia so I pretty much can sleep 24/7 which sadly may be s benefit for me. 
  • I will wake up at 6pm/ 6:30pm depending on how tired I am. At this moment I will have a shower.
  • Tip: I shower will waken you up and make you feel fresh. If you don’t sleep at 4pm it means your body is well rested so listen to your body. 
  • I normally do my hair and skincare routine then make snacks for nightshift. 
  • I am a night shift snacker, I constantly snack on night shift! Popcorn, crisps, cups of tea…. The list goes on. 
  • Many people start night shift at different times, my night shift was 8:45pm- 8:15am aka killer. 
  • Then I go and start my shift. 

Day 2

  • 8:15am- by this time I am either wide awake or dead on my feet: sometimes I’m both. 
  • I had to walk back to the nursing accommodation after my nightshift and it felt like the longest walk ever! 
  • I would get in- brush my teeth- get in my pyjamas- set my alarm for 7pm- crawl into bed and fall fast asleep by 9am! 
  • Normally I did sleep right through until 7pm, bonus it honestly feels like the best sleep you have had in years! 


  1. Get an eye mask- it blocks out day light when your trying to sleep
  2. Make sure you are getting a balanced diet on nightshift. I should practise what I preach but getting the right supplements to function is a must. 
  3. Sleep during the day but when coming off night shift sleep till 12pm then keep yourself busy! I personally find it more difficult coming off nightshift than going on it.
  4. Cup of tea are heaven in a cup
  5. Pro plus coffee pro plus coffee pro plus coffee
  6. You will hit a rock at 3/4am on night shift where you will seriously consider sleeping but don’t…… It’s not allowed.

After I come off night I tend to not be well! I normally feel like Iv got the flu or something really bad! I think your immune system isn’t as strong then your body clock changes! You guys got any thoughts? 

That’s all the tips I have for now!

Thanks for reading! 

Taylor swift concert

Our 1989 Tour experience, meeting Mama Swift and being moved to front row of Pit – Glasgow 23/6/15
Okay so this is probably going to be quite long because we had a bit of an eventful day in parts so bare with me please haha. 

So on Tuesday it was finally time for me aka Lauren (tumblr: we-found-wonderland-89), Jen and our friend Katrina to see taylorswift! Our train journey from Aberdeen to Glasgow was fine and we arrived in Glasgow around 11:15am. We got a taxi to the hotel but when we got there we were told we couldn’t check in until 3pm. The hotel staff were really nice though and they tried to be as helpful as they could in the situation so they offered to keep all our luggage while we were waiting and said that as soon as a room was available, we could have it but we had decided to dress up as Alice in Wonderland characters for the show (Jen was the Cheshire Cat, I was the rabbit and Katrina was Alice) so we knew we had to get changed and we had planned on being changed long before 3pm. We told the staff this and they told us we could use their bathroom so we basically took over this small 3 cubicle bathroom in the hotel to check changed. By the time we were done it was maybe around 12-12:30pm and we had to go pick up some last minute supplies for the concert and try and eat something before the concert (We went to McDonalds but we were all so excited that none of us managed to eat very much haha) This meant that we had to walk around the streets of Glasgow in fancy dress. My outfit included a cat tail attached to my skirt so you can imagine some of the looks we got haha. Once we’d done that we decided to head back to the hotel in the hope that the hotel had managed to prepare a room for us but unfortunately they hadn’t. So we hung around in reception waiting and we’re starting to get kind of impatient because we had planned to be at the arena much earlier to meet up with people before the concert. Finally at around 2:40pm we got into our room and not long after that, my Twitter friend, Amy and her mum, arrived and we set off waking to the arena. We’d been walking for around 10 minutes when we realised we’d forgotten the present we made for Mama Swift (I came up with the idea of filling an old jam jar with little positive quotes and things like that so she started it and we finished it on the train) I decided I would run back to the hotel to get it while the others waited where they were because I knew which bag the present was in. It was when I started running that I remembered I was wearing heels and I’m not very good at running anyways so by the time I got back I was very out of breath and very warm haha. I was super relieved I’d actually decided to go back though because it turns out all my fairy lights for the show were in the same bag as the present 🙈 We kept walking and actually got stopped in the street because people loved our outfits and wanted to know where we were going so they asked to take pics of us too haha. Cars that were driving by kept tooting their horn at us too haha 😁 Eventually we got to the arena and hung around until doors opened at 6pm. We got through the 1st door no problem but the 2nd door was security and that was more of an issue. We were told our posters were too big so we could either ditch them or rip them in half and take them in like that. Although it was sad, we decided the best option was to rip them so we could at least get them in. They also wouldn’t let us take the jar for Andrea in because it was glass 😔 When we got in we picked up our VIP merch, bought some other merch then joined the Taylor Nation booth line. We didn’t think we’d get to the front in time but we did and Sierra was so lovely to us! She saw I was struggling with all my bags and my cup of water and I was shaking so she said, “Let me get that” as she took my water and put it on the table for me until we were done. She said she loved our outfits and lights and said that she’d pass our letters for Taylor on to her. We told her about them taking the jar off us and she was like, “Ugh” and kind of rolled her eyes haha. We took the pic, she hugged us for the second time and asked where we were sitting. Once we were done there we headed to our door in the arena to find our seats. When we got there we discovered our seats were the aisle seats and we were delighted with that and the view that we would have because our seats were so good! We stood up for Vance Joy then when he was done we were waiting for Taylor when I saw Andrea. The 3 of us ran down to her but she didn’t see us and we got stuck behind security so we couldn’t get back to our seats before she passed them. We settled back into our seats just seconds before the WTNY intro. Then Taylor had literally just started singing WTNY (it happened before Taylor had even said “Welcome to the 1989 world tour”) when something caught my eye. I looked to the right and saw Andrea coming up to our seats and she said, “come with me!” We started freaking out and grabbing all our stuff, following her through the arena. After a few seconds she stopped and we realised she had moved us to the pit at the end of Taylor’s runway! No one else was there yet so we got front centre the whole show!! We were all in shock and kept looking at each other like, “omg what just happened?! Is this real life?!” I couldn’t take in how close Taylor was to us and throughout the show she made eye contact with us and kinda waved and stuff! We were freaking out so much haha! During HYGTG we noticed Andrea was standing just outside the pit again so once the song was done and Taylor had gone offstage to change we decided to go over to her to thank her for moving us! 

When we got to her she was like, “Well, how do you like your upgrade?!” We said it was amazing and kept thanking her and she said, “I know it’s not loft 89” and we kind cut in and were like, “it’s okay, we’re so happy with this!” and she continued and said, “but the people we move to the pit are who we want Taylor to see during the show” or something along those lines (I can’t remember exactly because I think I nearly died in that moment haha!) I had a couple of other things I wanted to say to her but I kinda want to keep that between us. I also told her that we’d made a jar with notes for her but they took it off us and I thought she looked like she was about to tear up and so she leaned forward and hugged us all again. We asked for a picture but I forgot to turn my flash on before handing my phone over so it came out a bit dark. I think we thanked her again before going back to our place in pit to see the rest of the show. We were really going for it and then during Enchanted/Wildest Dreams I said to jen: “Jen!” because jen almost hit the person behind with her arm while dancing and that’s when we realised it was Andrea as she was back in pit right behind me and dancing and singing with everyone there! I tried to apologise for almost hitting her but I don’t think she heard me so taylorswift, if you read this please apologise to Mama Swift for me haha! She stayed there until sometime during Shake It Off I think. When the show was over we made our way out of the the arena and joined the taxi. We were so hyper and couldn’t stop taking about what had happened so we probably annoyed everyone around us but I don’t even care haha. I also phoned my mum to tell her and was freaking out while on the phone! When we got back to the hotel we went to the bar and ordered pints of water and juice because we were so dehydrated and thirsty and the other guests were asking us where we’d been and told them the story they were so happy and excited for us! Also, at least 3 of the people we spoke to back at the hotel commented on how impressed they were with Taylor for the Apple thing! ❤️ We went up to our room and sat there for another hour or so going between sitting in silence trying to take everything in and excitedly chatting about it haha! It was honestly the best night of my life and I can never thank Mama Swift enough for the upgrade and taylorswift for the incredible show!! I hope you enjoyed Scotland Taylor, we were delighted to have you!

Thankyou so much Andrea, we can never say Thankyou enough! Forever grateful!  

         Sorry I haven’t posted in a while Iv been on my nursing placement! So if you have nursing questions ask away! 

What’s in my make up bag 2015

I am shamefully admitting that i have been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks but with good reason! I have mention that I have moved away on a nursing placement, which has been very enjoyable so far. I am dealing with the struggle of independent life on a small island however Iv been dying to write a blog post! 

Iv been using a lot of drug store product at the moment as the island I’m on only has a small tesco and a TINY boots, I’m loving it though! Let me just get into it!

Face products

Rimmel wake me up foundation- see below

Natural collection foundation – I Found that mixing these two together finally matches my pale skin tone, hallelujah!!!!!

Natural collection cover up- I use this to cover up spots and dark circles! It was £1.99 which is a far stretch away from urban decay and benefits but sadly it has to do! This concealer is great value for money and does the job nicely. 

Stay Matte pressed powder- I use this to set my foundation and to give me a matte natural look. With a little high beam this is my current make up routine! 


Dandelion by Benefit- I really love this blush and I couldn’t leave it back home so I took it with me. A lovely pastel daily look for a bit of flush colour! 

That Gal by Benefit- I use this on my cheeks if I’m going out to give me a bit of a glow. Iv recently found out where to put it on my face to make it glisen more in the light! 


Collection 2000 pen eyeliner- does the job and I think it was around £3/4 mark. I use this to tight line my eyes. 

Rollerlash by Benefit- I really love this as a daily look as it appeares more natural and effortless! 


Dior lip glow- sadly I’m nearing the end of this product and I will need to get another one when I go back home and stock up! 

Eos- my staple I need this! I have pretty much everyone but right now I’m working my way through sweet mint! Yum! 

Well that’s everything in my make up bag for now! Mainly basics for daily touch up!

My February favourites 2015

I’ll just jump right into this!

•IT Suitcase- these are the suitcases that weigh about 2kg, I am eternally gratefully as a student I have just moved into halls away from home. These suitcases are amazing for when you have loads to pack!

•Robinson’s orange fruit and barley- for £1 in Tesco and not being about to afford fruit juice, this is the thing for me! All the other students out there can appreciate this *ah men*

•lollitint- benefits lollitint is a cheek tint which for me is a night out must have!

•Baby lips cherry me- really moisturising with a pop of dark pink/ red tint to it, I’m on my third tube of this stuff!

My first Nursing Placement

I have moved across the country to a small island to pursue my first clinical nursing experience! It has been a very hectic week of packing and unpacking then moving in and starting my first every placement.

In hindsight I have really enjoyed my first few days, they have been fantastic! I have already started to increase my knowledge and gain many new skills. As some of you may knew the past few weeks have been very difficult after I lost my precious pup Ozzy, and I had to move away from home 5 days later to start my nursing training. It has overall been a mix of emotions.

I am on a very small island near North of Scotland, I am finding this placement so enjoyable! I can’t even give it enough praise! I feel pretty bored not being able to blog about make up, beauty and fashion as I love doing this in my spare time.

However I have made so many new friends here and I’m having so many great experiences for which I am so grateful. I will be going home at the end of May, my placement seems really quite long but I’m sure time will fly by!